1. SatMARS Navigations- u. Kommunikationssysteme GmbH says Welcome! 



    Trailer monitoring? Personal security? - This what we do!


    We are an innovative system provider founded in 1996 and actively engaged in tracking and monitoring of persons and objects.

    Our customers benefits from customized solutions in the field of security and monitoring based on high quality devices and customized services.


    With SatMARS you will benefits from a flexible and security optimized trailer telematic system.


    In addition to securing of goods and monitoring the trailer status our systems provide real-time access for data of the current position, the temperatures of cooling and much more data relevant for your daily business.


    This is complemented by various intelligent sensors to further optimize and protect your values.


    Through our web portal or via interfaces to our partners such as Trimble TL you not only get an optimal and perfectly tailored transport u. Logistics platform, we bundle all data monitoring and safety in a portal and use them simultaneously for your logistics planning.


    Hereby the features can be summarized under the following terms:

    SafePosition" the detection and monitoring of the position, route and Geofencing.

    SafeTrailer" views not only the current switching state and the opening state of the doors, a variety of security-related enhancements to a "safe on the road".



  3. This are our customer

  4. We consider it important to provide our customers the highest security and discretion and treat our customers’ data strictly confidential. We have rendered our mandate to make reference designation only with express consent of our customers.

  5. Our clientele we may mention are among others:

  6. TAPA certificated haulage companies

  7. Persons with need of care and safety protection

  8. • Nursing Homes


  10. Our offer to you - everything from one hand:

  11. • We develop for you customized concepts and solutions for your safety on the road in trucks and trailers or for you personally.

  12. • We successfully develop for many years multiple certified security and tracking systems. 

  1. • We support you with financing through DE-Minimis and/or with device rents. 

  2. • We train you, your colleagues and your workshop - once or regularly.  

  3. • We offer all kinds of security services and products. 

  4. • In addition to the devices we offer the platform for location and the telephone SIM card. 

  1. • We are always there for you - 24h a day / 365 days a year


  3. For the protection of persons:

    Training for the safe and proper handling in hazardous situations

    Help and support in health problems

    Help and support in dealing with security systems

    • Protection phones with automatic alarms when falling, fainting...




    Your security in trucks:

    Detection and report of diesel theft

    Variety of alarm sensors, e.g. alarm button, gas sensor

    Inputs and Outputs for external extensions

    Route monitoring with remote control

    Full telematic functions (logbook, recording tank, …)

    Order management incl. scan and print papers 

    Expandability through additional software (Windows based) 



    Your security in trailers:

    Inspection of the interior of the trailer (light and movement)

    Monitoring and reporting of temperature data

    Inputs and Outputs for external extensions

    Theft protection when parking by Geofence 

    Electronic locks for blocking the doors 



    Mobile Solutions:

    • Available f.e. to track container or swap bodies even on sea and worldwide 


    Hidden Solutions:

    • Special hidden solutions to install in goods or other values